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8 Lessons from our first 8 months

Check out our podcast where we cover our top 8 lessons from our first 8 months here @PeopleLift.

A note from our CEO, Tim Visconti.

Why write this? Every day we speak with entrepreneurs and without a doubt, we are presented with the same question in different ways: 'what advise/lessons do you have for me?'.

After taking time to think on this, I came across a list of lessons that I wrote down after each month. By now, the list is twice as long because we keep learning every day here @PeopleLift.

8 for 8

Let’s get this out of the way, starting a business is hard (like really hard). There are days where you look at what you’ve accomplished and feel wonderful, but those days are few and far between -- especially in the early stages.

Starting a business is humbling. Let’s face it, I felt very confident that going out on my own was the best decision for my life. But, you quickly realize the core struggle of starting a business is that you have to be everything to everyone while you learn/develop your business strategy. This could take years. In that stretch, you find out just how good you are at some things and equally figure out how bad you are at others things.

Do not try to do this alone. I learned this one the hard way, don't be like me! Build a community, identify a mentor, and engage your previous contacts. This has limitless potential for new ideas, challenging your process/value proposition to harden your delivery or help you avoid costly mistakes.

You will screw up. Get used to it and embrace failure as a rite of passage. Candidly, I fail every single day. I believe that pushing yourself to your limit each day allows you build the scar tissue needed for the long haul.

Going on your own is the definition of becoming a student. The role reversal is incredible because each day you are given an opportunity to learn more about how you can better yourself, improve your service/product and grow as a person. Even when you are the 'teacher' for a client, you are always learning.

There will be people that support you, others that question you, and others that are indifferent to you. Learning to embrace feedback is a gift is paramount.

Each day presents a new opportunity to optimize. Your daily routine should include figuring out the areas you can optimize with technology. This process can save you tons of time and money and more importantly, help you reflect on your core business each day as a way of sharpening your craft.


Remember why you started the business; keep it front and center. You started a company for a reason and it is your job to keep your mind focused on a goal meant to further your life. For example we @PeopleLift have a massive picture of a beach at sunrise in our office. My 'why' is get to the beach for my family, my life, and my health. Each time I walk in to the office, I see this image and it is burned into my consciousness that this is the ‘why’ for every single day.

What are your lessons #linkedin nation?

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