google-site-verification=rVB9YwpJFBFY_1cYbNIu3so68SqOxqj0oeJWuBcevNY Burger King and Tacos, what??

Burger King and Tacos, what??

Why is burger king selling tacos?

This sounds like a simple question but I believe there is a deeper question here. Why aren't other places do the same thing right now?

Candidly, I love tacos and if given the chance of ordering a burger over a taco, it’s tacos all day. Is there a business reason beyond my taco bias? YES!

Taco bell just took over Burger King as the 4th biggest chain in the country because, well, you got it. People LOVE tacos!

Daniel Swartz is a #millennial CEO has consistently challenged the dominance of other players in the marketplace by stretching BK's brand and products into new areas such as ‘real meals’ to take on ‘happy meals’. This may not always work as some studies have shown but he will never be accused of saying the most expensive words in business.

Connecting this back to start ups, this is a classic case of controlled #experiments to gather user #feedback and establish potential market-fit. This $1 trial for tacos will be a relatively low cost potential revenue driver.

What do you think #linkedin nation? #Innovation or bad idea?