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Spring cleaning, for your business!

Welcome to Q2! We are in the midst of a pollen explosion here in the south and if you are like me, it's time to clear out the junk in my closet and get prepared for the humidity with shorts and flipflops.

While I am embarking on a personal spring clean, we @PeopleLift are offering a Free Consultation , a $1000 value, custom designed to solve the top 3 problems #startups & #smallbusiness owners face.

1. Retention - how do I keep my best people in such a competitive talent market?

2. Recruiting - how can I scale my workforce with the best talent

3. Internal/External Talent Intelligence - what data am I missing that would empower strategic decision making?*

*Talent Intelligence is an emerging field with fantastic leaders like Adam Grant, Tolby Culshaw and David Green. Give them a follow!

Each of our solutions are custom designed for your business. Take advantage of this opportunity and connect with one of our #talentexperts today! Please visit us a for more information.

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*disclaimer, this is NOT an April Fools Joke :)