At our core, we are problem solvers. Through our Lean/Agile-based methodology, we create synergistic solutions that propel your vision forward as you enter Blitzscale mode. From pitch deck formation to GoToMarket plans, our experts have over 20 years of experience solving complex scaling issues. Our consultation is free and our average ROI is 7.5X.

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  • Engagement  - We at PeopleLift understand that your best assets typically are under your roof. Our unique approach towards engaging through an EQ/automation blend unlocks your team's potential for long term sustainable growth through a culture of transparency and data. Each team is unique and our approach is catered to the individual to align their goals with the broader business objectives driving significant ROI.

  • Retention - Did you know it can cost you up to 10X when a top performer leaves? So if they made 100K, that is 1 Million out the door? Not many businesses can afford to see that happen and our programs blend Psych IO design principles, proven monetary and non-monetary retention strategies, and empower our clients with the ability to 'predict' attrition giving them the power to reduce attrition by up to 75%.

  • Recruiting - PeopleLift consultants average 25K worth of industry-leading AI/ML tools that set us apart from other consultants. Our tools, combined with our world-class customer success and onboarding, will provide immediate and lasting value to your talent delivery. Whether that is Executive Search, Temporary Labor(contract), or Direct Hire, our RPO service stack is changing how companies view Talent Acquisition.


​Our programs average 4.5x ROI and our recruiting platform has been called a game-changer by several CEOs.  



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